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Ionescu Cristian
Let's get to know each other! A few words about me.
100% Romanian
Born in Focsani, in 1985.
At the age of 15 (around 2000), when I came in contact with the INTERNET, I was amazed at how many new things you can discover only if you know what and where to look. I am part of the generation that caught the internet from the beginning, there were no Google, Facebook, Instagram.
I flirted since high school with web programming, HTML, CSS, PHP, and in the years that followed I enriched my knowledge in this field.
I arrived in Bucharest in 2008 when I started my student life at the Polytechnic University, Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages.
Web Pages Portfolio
Web services
Web Design
Presentation sites, online stores, product catalogs or with complex functionalities.
SEO optimization
Improved site code to be displayed correctly in Google.
Website maintenance, emails and web hosting on fast servers.
Web programming
Programming knowledge in the following languages: HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JAVA, XML.
Google Ads
Create promotional campaigns on Google to sell your products or services quickly.
Social campaigns
Promotion to the audience of your business through campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
Edmond Nicolau College
Mathematics - Physics Profile
Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Faculty of Foreign Language Engineering (F.I.L.S) with teaching in English, Department of Engineering and Materials Science - Head of Promotion
Polytechnic University of Bucharest - Master
Composite materials with special applications
Attention to detail
Efficient design does not materialize by chance. Design choices such as navigation, layout and color scheme should be deliberate. Attention to detail should touch every part of a design.
Skills to people are just as important as competences. It is essential that the explanation of a project be understood by people who have no knowledge in the field.
Freelancers need discipline to help with productivity and meet deadlines that are always growing faster than we expect.
The results will come after the completion of the project.
Knowing your limitations is a long way off.
Depending on the client's requirements, both the style and the technologies used must be adapted.
Bucuresti, Sector 3
Aleea Codrii Neamtului
Nr. 5-7

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